Former Country-Japan has been reformed and restarts as Tourips Japan!

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Blog “Foods of the region” is updated (2022-11-23)

Blog “Foods of the region” is updated. Morioka reimen is presented ...
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From “Country-Japan” to “Tourips Japan” (2022-11- 20)

This website started as Country-Japan in December 2016 intending to present regional tourist information. Now it has been reformed and ...
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Various tourist spots are presented by category. Click the colored items on the list to display the corresponding spots. Then, ...
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Websites of local tourist information are presented here. The newly added is shown in orange. Click each marker on the ...
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Latest Blogs

Food of the region – Morioka reimen (2022-11-23)

Morioka reimen is a cold noodle originated from the northern part of the Korean peninsula. Mr. Teruto Aoki, a native ...
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Spot report – Matsuyama (2022-07-16)

Webmaster visited a historical city Matsuyama in Ehime Prefecture. Access: "Itami AP, Osaka (plane 0:45) Matsuyama AP (bus 0:15) Matsuyama ...
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Season’s topic – Chinowa kuguri (2022-07-10)

A huge wreath made of pampas grasses called “chinowa” is set in the precincts of many Shinto shrines in June ...
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Food of the region – Uwajima Taimeshi (2022-06-01)

Uwajima taimeshi is a bowl of rice topped with seasoned sashimi of tai (sea bream), which is originally a local ...
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