Spot report – Ryogami Mountain (2024-06-07)

Webmaster had a mountain hike at Mt. Ryogami in Saitama Prefecture last week. Although it was cloudy, I enjoyed a pleasant walk in nature.   The mountain path is laid along a gorge in the first part.     A waterfall in the gorge     Some Azalea flowers pleased the hikers.     Huge beech trees aside the path… Read more →

Season’s topic – Cherry blossoms finally have come (2024-04-07)

Cherry blossoms have finally come! Due to the low temperature in March, they have come about two weeks later than last year.   Today, Webmaster had a walk to a park nearby to appreciate the flowers.   As this park is locally famous for cherry blossom, it was not crowded. In fact there are many other such local places in… Read more →

Spot report – Miyajima Island (2024-03-19)

After Itsukushima-jinja Shrine, Webmaster visited some other interesting spots.   Firstly, I visited Miyajima Aquarium which is only a 5-minute walk from the shrine.   Some photos in the aquarium     After the aquarium, I took lunch at a restaurant nearby. It was anago-meshi which was a charcoal-broiled conger eel on steamed rice in box. It tasted good, but… Read more →

Spot report – Itsukushima-jinja Shrine (2024-03-18)

Webmaster visited Miyajima Island last month where world-famous Itsukushima-jinja Shrine is located.   Access: Osaka Shin-osaka (shinkansen 1:30) Hiroshima (local train 0:26) Miyajima-guchi (walk 0:05) Miyajima-guchi Port (ferry 0:10) Miyajima-ko (walk 0:10) @   After getting of the train, we need to take ferry to go to Miyajima Island.   Rafts of oyster farm can be seen on the way.… Read more →

Spot report – Yoshimi-hyakuana (2024-03-17)

Webmaster visited Yoshimi-hyakuana meaning hundred caves of Yoshimi. These caves are collective tombs in the late 6th to 7th Century designated as Nationally Designated Historical Site.   Access: Tokyo (local train 0:24) Ikebukuro (local train 0:55) Higashi-matsuyama (bus 0:05) Hyakuana-iriguchi (walk 0:08) @   This is the entrance to the caves. We need to pay for \300 yen to enter.… Read more →

Spot Report – Maruki Gallery for the Hiroshima Panels (2024-03-14)

Webmaster visited Maruki Gallery for the Hiroshima Panels this week.   Access: Tokyo (local train 0:24) Ikebukuro (local train 0:55) Higashi-matsuyama (bus 0:15) Maruki-bijutsukan-higashi (walk 0:15) @   The gallery was built with a single goal in mind: to ensure that anyone, at any time, could see the Hiroshima Panels painted by a married couple Mr. Iri & Ms.… Read more →

Spot report – Kasuga-taisha Shrine (2024-03-06)

After visiting Todai-ji Temple, Webmaster had a walked to Kasuga-taisha Shrine. It takes about 20 minutes.   I passed Wakakusa-yama Hill where deer are grazing and loafing.   Then, I reached the side entrance of Kasuga-taisha Shrine.   The central part of the shrine.     Many lanterns are hanged along its corridors.   Apricot blossom with lanterns.   On… Read more →

Spot report – Todai-ji Temple (2024-03-04)

Webmaster visited world famous Todai-ji Temple in Nara last week.   Access: Osaka (local train 0:15) Tsuruhashi (local train 0:28) Kintetsu-nara (walk 0:15) @   I started walking from Nara Station of Kintetsu Railway. There is another Nara Station of Japan Railway nearby. You can choose one of them according to your program.   This is the mascot of Nara… Read more →

Spot report – Kumano-hayatama Shrine (2023-12-31)

Webmaster had visited Kumano-hayatama Shrine in Wakayama Prefecture.   Access: Osaka (local train 0:15) Ten’noji (express train 3:45) Shingu (walk 0:15) @   The approach and Torii gate   The day when Webmaster visited, the precincts were decorated with Japanese style colorful umbrellas.   Let’s pray for peace.   I hope all conflicts and wars settle in the coming year,… Read more →

Spot report – One day hike to Mt.Oyama (2023-12-24)

Webmaster enjoyed one day hike to Mt. Oyama last weekend.   Mt. Oyama is a sacred mountain which has been considered an object of faith since the past. Until the late 19th century, only male pilgrims could enter into the upper part of the mountain. But now, everybody who has physical fitness can go up to the top.   The… Read more →