Spot Report

Spot report – Noboribetsu (2023-01-17)

Webmaster visited Noboribetsu Onsen hot spring resort in Hokkaido Prefecture last autumn.   Access: Haneda AP, Tokyo (plane 1:30) Shin-chitose AP (local train 0:03) Minami-chitose (express train 0:41) Noboribetsu (bus 0:15) @   A statue of devil welcomes us at Noboribetsu Station. Webmaster took bus from the station to Noboribetsu hot spring resort. It was for about 15 minutes.  … Read more →

Spot report – Takaoka (2023-01-11)

Webmaster visited to a historical city Takaoka in Toyama Prefecture last November. Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 2:15) Toyama (local train 0:18) Takaoka @   The most popular tourist attraction in the city is, probably, the national treasure Zuiryu-ji Temple. It is only a ten-minute walk from the south gate of Takaoka Station.   Now we see Somon Gate which is the… Read more →

Spot report – Hiraizumi (2023-01-05)

Webmaster visited some tourist spots in a historical town Hiraizumi a few months ago.   Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 2:05) Ichinoseki (local train 0:10) Hiraizumi @     The visit started from Hiraizumi Station.   Hiraizumi is a small town and more or less flat terrain. Then, Webmaster rented a bicycle for a day trip in the town.   At first,… Read more →

Spot report – Matsuyama (2022-07-16)

Webmaster visited a historical city Matsuyama in Ehime Prefecture.   Access: “Itami AP, Osaka (plane 0:45) Matsuyama AP (bus 0:15) Matsuyama @ Shin-osaka (shinkansen 0:50) Okayama (express train 2:45) Matsuyama @   The tram running in the center of the city may be convenient for touristic activities, It costs 180 yen for a ride, and the service is frequent enough.… Read more →

Spot report – Kamikochi (2021-10-17)

Webmaster visited Kamikochi where one can enjoy pure nature and alpine view.   Official website of Kamikochi   Access: Tokyo (local train 0:14) Shinjuku (express train 2:40) Matsumoto (local train 0:31) Shin-shimashima (bus 1:00) @   Kappa-bashi Bridge, which is only 6-minute walk from the bus terminal, and the view from the bridge.     Kappa-bashi Bridge at the… Read more →

Spot report – Five-story pagoda of Ryuko-ji Temple (2020-08-23)

Webmaster visited Ryuko-ji Temple in which precincts there is a five-story pagoda.   Access: Tokyo (local train 0:44) Fujisawa (local train 0:11) Enoshima (walk 0:03) @   This is Niomon Gate, the main entrance to the precincts.     A pair of Nio guards the gate.     Then, the next Sanmon Gate is on top of stairs.    … Read more →

Spot report – Hakone-jinja Shrine (2020-08-08)

Webmaster visited Hakone-jinja Shrine. The shrine is located at the shore of Lake Ashinoko on Mt. Hakone. Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 0:37) Odawara (bus 1:10) Moto-hakone (walk 0:15) @   Mt. Hakone is an active volcano with huge caldera, and Ashinoko is a caldera lake.     This lake has a legend of the dragon with nine heads which had caused… Read more →

Spot report – Apricot blossom in Fuchu Museum (2020-02-19)

Webmaster visited the apricot garden in Fuchu City Kyodonomori Museum (Fuchushi-kyodonomori-hakubutsukan) this week.   Tokyo (local train 0:50) Bubaigawara (bus 0:06/walk 0:20) Kyodonomori-seimon-mae @   Japanese apricot (Prunus mume) blooms in February, about one month and half earlier than cherry blossom. Therefore, we Japanese consider apricot blossom a notice of that the arrival of spring is not very far.  … Read more →

Spot report – Riding Steam Locomotive (2020-02-10)

Webmaster went to ride a steam locomotive (SL) in Yokokawa of Gunma Prefecture last weekend.   Tokyo (shinkansen 0:55) Takasaki (local train 0:35) Yokokawa @   The steam locomotive stars from Yokokawa Station, which is a small station located at the Eastern foot of Usui Pass. The railroad extended to the other side of the pass until 1997 when Bullet… Read more →

Spot report – Otsuka Museum of Art (2019-12-18)

Webmaster visited Otsuka Museum of Art in Tokushima Prefecture last week.   This museum is of fine art ceramic reproductions. The museum houses more than one thousand reproductions of treasured Western artworks in actual size, from ancient frescoes to modern paintings.   Although all exhibited are reproductions, but those are reproduced (printed on ceramic boards) very detailedly. Moreover, visitors… Read more →