Food of the region – Chilled ramen (2017-08-21)

Of course you must know ramen, one of the famous Japanese food, mustn’t you? But, how does it taste if the soup is chilled? You can confirm it at Tochio of Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture.


Chilled ramen is a new specialty of Tochio. There are twelve restaurants in the area which serve chilled ramen. (Japanese)


Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 1:50) Nagaoka (bus 0:50) Chuo-koen-mae @


The bus stop “Chuo-koen-mae” is in the center of Tochio and many of those twelve restaurants are in walking distance from the bus stop.


The location is also shown in the ítem “Foods of the region (Red 1)” on the map of the Top Page



Webmaster tried one of them at Restaurant Tochio (No.11 on the leaflet). It looks like a normal ramen, but can you see some ice cubes are floating in the soup?


Before tasting, Webmaster was rather skeptical if it is delicious. But it was really nice. The soup is clear and has a rich flavor from the stock which quite matches the noodle.


If you have a chance to visit Tochio, please try chilled ramen.