Food of the region – Demiglace-katsudon (2017-12-18)

Katsudon is a bowl of rice topped with a pork cutlet, one of popular Japanese food.

Normally, the cutlet is wrapped with a beaten egg with soya-based sauce.

(“Common” katsudon (Source; Wikipedia))


Webmaster once introduced you sauce-katsudon of Fukui Prefecture which cutlet is simply dipped in Worcester sauce.


Now, Webmaster introduce you another demiglace-katsudon (or simply called “demi-katsudon”) of Okayama Prefecture. As its name shows, demi-katsudon has demiglace sauce put on a pork cutlet.


Access: Shin-osaka (shinkansen 0:51) Okayama @


The first experience of demi-katsudon for Webmaster was at Restaurant Nomura. This restaurant started its business in 1931 and is considered as the inventor of demi-katsudon. The cutlet is moderately fried and the sauce matches it. Boiled cabbage is put between cutlet and rice.



The restaurant provides an English menu with photos.


Webmaster tried another demi-katsudon the other day at Sun Restaurant in Okayama Station Building. The taste of the sauce is different from the previous one but taste good again.



If you have a chance to visit Okayama, please try demi-katsudon.