Food of the region – Sauce Katsudon (2017-11-26)

Katsudon is a bowl of rice topped with a pork cutlet, one of popular Japanese food. Normally, the cutlet is wrapped with a beaten egg with soya-based sauce.

(“Common” katsudon (Source; Wikipedia))


However, in Fukui Prefecture katsudon is not like this. The cutlet is simply dipped in Worcester sauce. (It is called sauce-katsudon by visitors from outside, but local people of Fukui just call it “katsudon” because sauce-katsudon is their common katsudon.)


Access to Fukui: Osaka (express train 2:00) Fukui @


Sauce-katsudon of Fukubuku-ya where Webmaster take the first sauce-katsudon. Three pieces of cutlet are overlapping.


It tastes good.


The set meal with sauce-katsudon of Yoroppa-ken. The founder of this restaurant is considered as the inventor (at least one of the inventors) of sauce-katsudon. He originally opened his restaurant in Tokyo where he started to serve sauce-katsudon. After the Great Kanto Earthquake which destroyed his restaurant, he returned to his home country Fukui and re-started his restaurant. That is why Fukui is considered as the origin (at least one of origins) of sauce-katsudon.



If you have a chance to visit Fukui, please try sauce-katsudon.