Food of the region – Uwajima Taimeshi (2022-06-01)

Uwajima taimeshi is a bowl of rice topped with seasoned sashimi of tai (sea bream), which is originally a local cuisine of Uwajima and now offered even in neighboring areas.


Access: Itami AP, Osaka (plane 0:45) Matsuyama AP (bus 0:15) Matsuyama (express train 1:20) Uwajima @

Shin-osaka (shinkansen 0:50) Okayama (express train 2:45) Matsuyama (express train 1:20) Uwajima @


Uwajima Taimeshi is usually served as a set meal in a restaurant as shown on the photo below, which includes rice, soup, sashimi of sea bream with herbs, sauce with yolk, and some other small dishes.

Firstly, you need to beat yolk and mix with sauce, and put it on sashimi. Then, Put sashimi on rice.



In the other restaurant, sashimi is already placed on rice when served. In this case, just pour sauce mixed with yolk on sashimi.



In the other restaurant, rice is served in a tub and the customer himself serves rice for him. The following steps are the same.



If it’s ready, enjoy Uwajima taimeshi!