Season’s topic – The memorial day of Horishima (2020-08-06)

6th August is the memorial day of Hiroshima on which the atomic bomb was exploded 75 years ago, at 8:15AM of 6th August 1945.



Some 350 thousands people lived in Hiroshima City at that time. 80 thousands were killed directly by the explosion, and 140 thousands had died until the end of the year by the acute symptom caused by radiation. Later many others have died by chronic disorder. It is estimated some 250 or 300 thousands have been died in total, although the accurate number is not known.


Now, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is established at the center of the explosion.

Access: Shin-osaka (shinkansen 1:35) Hiroshima (local train 0:17) Genbaku-domu-mae @

Tokyo (shinkansen 4:10) Hiroshima (local train 0:17) Genbaku-domu-mae @


The World Heritage, Atomic Bomb Dome (Genbaku-domu) in the park. The atomic bomb was exploded almost right above the dome at 600m height.



Cenotaph for Atomic Bomb Victims (officially named as “Memorial Monument for Hiroshima, City of Peace”)


The atomic Bomb Dome can be seen through the monument. The inscription says “Please rest in peace. We never repeat it”.



Ex-president of United States, Barack Obama also visited here in 2016 and offered flowers at the monument.




There are many other monuments in the park dedicated for victims. This Children’s Peace Monument is one of them, which is dedicated to a girl named Sadako who died by leukemia in 1955, ten years after the bomb.


The statue of a girl holds up an orizuru (origami crane); a symbol of peace.


Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is also in the park where the visitors can learn the tragedy and recovery of Hiroshima.



Please visit Hiroshima when corona virus would have gone.