Souvenir – Leaf-shaped coasters of Ojiya textile (2016-12-27)

Webmaster introduces you to leaf-shaped coasters of Ojiya textile. It’s about 18 cm long and 10 cm width each. Webmaster chose only three among many designs.

img_1263  img_1387  img_1398


This product is available only at Takuminoza on the second floor of a complex “Sun Plaza” in Ojiya City.


Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 1:40) Urasa (local train 0:30) Ojiya (bus 0:10 or taxi 0:06 or walk 0:20) Honcho-chuo (walk 0:02) @


Takuminoza: (Japanese)


The entrance of the shop “Takuminoza”


The inside of the shop



(Ojiya is famous of traditional textile products. It will be presented in another occasion.)