Spot report – Five-story pagoda of Ryuko-ji Temple (2020-08-23)

Webmaster visited Ryuko-ji Temple in which precincts there is a five-story pagoda.


Access: Tokyo (local train 0:44) Fujisawa (local train 0:11) Enoshima (walk 0:03) @


This is Niomon Gate, the main entrance to the precincts.



A pair of Nio guards the gate.



Then, the next Sanmon Gate is on top of stairs.



The precincts with the main hall can be seen through the gate. There were very few visitors because it was very hot day for walking outdoor.


Visitors can enter the main hall to pray, but taking photo inside is prohibited. The five-story pagoda is behind of the main hall.



The approach to the pagoda. Originally, five-story pagodas were built to enshrine ashes or relics of Buddha in an altar, and later, for other Buddhist saints.


This wooden pagoda of Ryuko-ji Temple was built in 1910.



As many trees grow around the pagoda, the angle for taking the whole figure of the pagoda is rather limited.



Some other photos of the pagoda



Some other constructions of the temple.

The office of the temple is also an impressive old building.



The bell house and the bell which you can strike.



A stone dragon


The Sagami Bay and a lighthouse were seen from the pagoda.



Although it was fine and hot day, the beach, a fifteen-minute walk from the temple, had less visitors than previous years because of COVID-19.