Spot report – Hiraizumi (2023-01-05)

Webmaster visited some tourist spots in a historical town Hiraizumi a few months ago.


Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 2:05) Ichinoseki (local train 0:10) Hiraizumi @



The visit started from Hiraizumi Station.


Hiraizumi is a small town and more or less flat terrain. Then, Webmaster rented a bicycle for a day trip in the town.


At first, Webmaster headed for Takkokusaiko-ji Temple. It was a way in a country landscape.



Here, the gate of the temple, and a following approach to the precincts.


Now, we can see the main attraction, Bishamondo Hall of the temple through the tori gate.


Bishamondo Hall.


The hall is built directly attaching the rock.


A garden and other buildings of the temple.


On way back from the temple, Webmaster took Hatto in soup at a local restaurant. Hatto is boiled paste of flour, which is one of local foods in this region.


The next place to visit was Motsu-ji Temple.


The temple is famous for its garden.


Some photos in the precincts.


The third spot was Chuson-ji Temple. We need to walk a long ascending approach.


The main hall of Tsuson-ji Temple.


An exhibition of chrysanthemum was held there.


The national treasure Konjiki-do Hall built in the 12th century is located at the depths of the precincts. It’s marvelous! The hall is covered by a sheltering building now.


There are many other halls and buildings in its huge precincts.


It was a full day cycling tour. Soon after that Webmaster returned to the station, it became dusk.