Spot report – Itsukushima-jinja Shrine (2024-03-18)

Webmaster visited Miyajima Island last month where world-famous Itsukushima-jinja Shrine is located.


Access: Osaka Shin-osaka (shinkansen 1:30) Hiroshima (local train 0:26) Miyajima-guchi (walk 0:05) Miyajima-guchi Port (ferry 0:10) Miyajima-ko (walk 0:10) @


After getting of the train, we need to take ferry to go to Miyajima Island.


Rafts of oyster farm can be seen on the way.


Then, famous Great Torii Gate appeared.


After landing, I enjoyed walking along the coast line to the shrine. You don’t necessarily need to walk on the sand beach, but there is a paved path, too.


This is the closest point to the torii gate where many tourists take photos.


Now, the shrine building is getting closer. This shrine is dedicated to three deities who are the guardians of navigation.


Then, I entered to the shrine buildings.


Some photos of the shrine.



Those are barrels of sake donated by local breweries.


If you walk a little more, you can enjoy the different views of the shrine from the other side. The ferry goes behind the tori.