Spot report – Kushiro (2023-10-30)

Webmaster visited Kushiro Region of Hokkaodo Prefecture.


Access: Haneda AP, Tokyo (plane 1:35) Kushiro AP @

Haneda AP, Tokyo (plane 1:30) Shin-chitose AP (local train 0:03) Minami-chitose (express train 3:35) Kushiro @


Kushiro Station and the express train Ozora.


The first place to go in Kushiro City is Washo Market (Washo-ichiba). There are many shops of fish, seafood, and others in it.


Salmons, crabs, clams, etc.


It is worth taking Katte-donburi (a bowl of rice topped with sashimi), there. Firstly, buy a bowl of rice. Secondly, go to any seafood shops to buy sashimi for making your original Katte-donburi. The shops sell you various sashimi from one slice.


It’s mine!


Thirdly, sit at the table for taking your original Katte-donburi.


If you walk in the city, some reliefs and sculptures on pavements pleased you.


There are some fishing ports along the coast of Kushiro Region, as fishing is one of the principal industries in the region.


The other principal industry is stock farming. Pasture spread out in the region.


Wetland stretches, too. The most famous is Kushiro Marsh which is registered on the Ramsar Convention List.


One of the symbols of Kushiro is Japanese red-crested cranes. Webmaster saw them several times during my stay.


Autumn has come!


The inland areas of the region are mountainous. There are some volcanoes. Mt. Iodake is one of them.


Visitors can get close to the fumaroles.


This is Lake Mashu which is crater lake.


The view of Mt. Iodake from outer rim of Lake Mashu.


The other gateway to Kushiro is Tancho-kushiro Airport. It was foggy and rainy when Webmaster arrived. The monuments of cranes and owls welcomed and saw me off.