Spot report – Miyajima Island (2024-03-19)

After Itsukushima-jinja Shrine, Webmaster visited some other interesting spots.


Firstly, I visited Miyajima Aquarium which is only a 5-minute walk from the shrine.


Some photos in the aquarium



After the aquarium, I took lunch at a restaurant nearby. It was anago-meshi which was a charcoal-broiled conger eel on steamed rice in box. It tasted good, but didn’t please me very much because the pieces of conger didn’t cover all the surface of rice as the photo in the menu showed. Hehehe…  Anyway, I ate all and left for the next place.


The next place I visited is Daisho-in Temple which locates on top of the slope. A pair of guardian welcomed me as usual as old temple.


After passing through the gate, there still continued stone steps.


Then, I arrived at the central part of the temple.


I could see the blue sea from the top of the slope on my way back.


After Daisho-in Temple, I headed to Senjokaku. On the way, the Great Torii Gate could be seen, too.


This is Senjokaku with a five-story pagoda.


Senjikaku is a huge wooden construction built in 1580s originally as a hall of Buddhist temple, but not completed. Now it belongs to Itsukushima-jinja Shrine. I love its open  and relaxing atmosphere.


In Miyajima Island, visitors come across wild deer which are protected. However, the visitors are not allowed to feed them for controlling the population to protect the vegetation of the island. Miyajima is not large island to support a large number of deer.


After my visit, I took a ferry service again to return to Miyajima-guchi on the other shore.


There are two railways connecting between Miyajima-guchi and Hiroshima, those are Japan Railway and Hiroden. I took one train of Hiroden to the next place in Hiroshima.


At Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park