Spot report – One day hike to Mt.Oyama (2023-12-24)

Webmaster enjoyed one day hike to Mt. Oyama last weekend.


Mt. Oyama is a sacred mountain which has been considered an object of faith since the past. Until the late 19th century, only male pilgrims could enter into the upper part of the mountain. But now, everybody who has physical fitness can go up to the top.


The red Mt.Oyama in a morning glow.


There are more than five routes of footpaths which lead us to the top of Mt. Oyama. I took one of them from Minoge Village.



Tokyo (local train 0:14) Shinjuku (local train 1:00) Hadano (bus 0:25) Minoge (walk 1:00) Yabitsu Pass (walk 1:00) Mt. Oyama .


Minoge Bus Stop in the morning sunlight.


From Minoge, the foot path in a forest led me to the upper part of the mountain.



The path continues.


When I reached the ridge after a long ascending, the view of Sagami Bay and Oshima Island pleased me.


After two-hours walk, I arrived at the top of Mt. Oyama with an altitude of 1,252m above sea level. The sky was very clear.


Many hikers had a picnic lunch enjoying mild sunshine and marvelous view. I boiled water and had a cup of coffee.


We could see Enoshima and even the skyscrapers in Yokohama which is about 37km in distance.


And of course,we could enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji.


If you like hiking, it’s worth to come to Mt. Oyama. It takes less than two hours from Tokyo.