Spot report – Riding Steam Locomotive (2020-02-10)

Webmaster went to ride a steam locomotive (SL) in Yokokawa of Gunma Prefecture last weekend.


Tokyo (shinkansen 0:55) Takasaki (local train 0:35) Yokokawa @


The steam locomotive stars from Yokokawa Station, which is a small station located at the Eastern foot of Usui Pass. The railroad extended to the other side of the pass until 1997 when Bullet train (Shinkansen) started its service, but it was taken out of service making the station the terminal of the line.


When Webmaster arrived at the station, the SL had already stopped at the platform.



Of course, this SL doesn’t run for daily use but for tourist attraction. The final regular passenger train towed by SL in Japan ran in 1975.


Before taking SL, Webmaster took lunch at Oginiya, which is famous for kamameshi which is boiled rice in a small earthenware pot topped with chicken and a variety of vegetables. As I forgot to take the photo (I was very hungry…), the photo on the website of the restaurant ( is pasted, instead.



Still some time left. Webmaster visited Usuitoge Railway Heritage Park next to the station where many classic trains are exhibited.





Now, our SL would like to start. Passenger car and its inside.



The views from the train window. The white mountain isn’t Mt. Fuji but an active volcano, Mt. Asama.



Mt. Haruna.


Finally, the train arrived at Takasaki Station after one hour journey. The passengers wanted to take commemorative photos.