Sweet of the región – Inaba-no-shirousagi (2017-12-02)

Manju is one of Japanese traditional sweets which is a bun stuffed with sweetened bean paste.

(Source: Wikipedia)


Inaba-no-shirousagi of Tottori Prefecture is a kind of such manju but having a shape of a rabbit.


Access: Shin-osaka (shinkansen 0:30) Himeji (express train 1:40) Tottori @


“Inaba-no-shirousagi” means the white rabbit of Inaba, the old name for the eastern part of present Tottori Prefecture. This white rabbit is a famous character in one of Japanese mythologies of which the region was the theater.

(Source: Wikipedia)


This cake was invented and named after this myth.


Wrapped Inaba-no-shirousagi


It has the shape of rabbit with red eyes. Isn’t it cute?



Koshian, pureed sweet bean paste is inside. It’s yummy!


Please enjoy Inaba-no-shirousagi and other Japanese sweets when you travel in Japan!