Spot Report

Spot report – Yugyo-ji Temple (2019-08-07)

Webmaster visited Yugyo-ji Temple in Kanagawa Pref. last week. Yugyo-ji Temple is the headquarters of Jishu sect. The temple has the long history since 1325, although the original buildings are not left.   Access: Tokyo (local train 0:44) Fujisawa (walk 0:15) @   It needs to walk for 15 minutes from Fujisawa Station. Once passing through the Somon Gate, visitors… Read more →

Spot report – Oyama-afuri-jinja Shrine (2019-08-06)

Webmaster visited Oyama-afuri-jinja Shrine in Kanagawa Pref. last week.   Access: Tokyo (local train 0:14) Shinjuku (local train 0:54) Isehara (bus 0:25) Oyama-cable (walk 0:15) Oyama-cable (cable car 0:06) Afuri-jinja (walk 0:05) @   From the bus stop, it needs to walk for 15 minutes to the station of cable car.     There are souvenir shops and restaurants along… Read more →

Spot report – Choan-ji Temple (2019-02-11)

Webmaster visited Choan-ji Temple in Hakone last week.     Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 0:37) Odawara (bus 0:50) Sengoku (walk 0:05) @   You can encounter the stone statues of Rakan, there. Rakan are the honorific title of Buddhist disciples who have attained the high status of spirit.       Choan-ji temple started to make and set the statues in… Read more →

Spot report – Hakone-komagatake Ropeway (2019-01-31)

Webmaster took Hakone-komagatake Ropeway this week. It was a very clear day providing a nice view.   Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 0:37) Odawara (bus 1:20) Hakone’en (walk 0:05) @   The bus trip started from Odawara Station.   As it was a weekday in winter, not so many people visit to Hakone. In fact I was the only passenger from the… Read more →

Spot report – Kamakura (2019-01-28)

Webmaster have a half-day-visit to Kamakura last week. It was a fine day and good to have a walk.   Access: Tokyo (local train 0:46) kamakura @   Wintersweet or Japanese allspice (Chimonanthus praecox) flowers in the garden of Hasedera Temple. The yellow flowers match blue winter sky!     This is the great Buddha of Kotoku-in Temple known as… Read more →

Spot report – Joetsu Aquarium (2018-09-30)

Webmaster visited Joetsu Aquarium a few weeks ago. This aquarium was renovated and reopened last June.     Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 2:05) Joetsu-myoko (local train 0:14) Naoetsu (walk 0:15) @   This is the main aquarium in which sea lives of the Sea of Japan are kept. Visitors can observe the sea lives from various directions.       A… Read more →

Spot report – Fuji Limestone Cave (2018-08-21)

Webmaster visited Fuji Limestone Cave (Fuji-do) last week. A tradition says this cave was found about 1,200 years ago by villagers, and some 400 years ago a Buddhist priest explored the cave and started to use it as the place for religious austerities. Since then, this cave became to be known widely.   Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 0:37) Kumagaya (local train… Read more →

Spot report – Jigen-in Temple (2018-08-16)

Webmaster visited Jigen-in Temple in Takasaki City of Gunma Prefecture this week. Jigen-in Temple is also known as Takasaki Kan’non (or Byakue Kan’non) because of its huge statue of Kan’non deity.   Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 0:55) Takasaki (bus 0:20) Byakuekan’non-mae (walk 0:02) @   When you get off the bus, you can already see the statue over the trees.  … Read more →

Spot report –NIFREL (2018-06-15)

Webmaster visited NIFREL last week.   Access: Osaka (local train 0:20) Senri-chuo (monorail 0:06) Banpaku-kinen-koen (walk 0:02) @ Admission:¥1,900 for adult   NIFREL is an “aquazoo”. It is not very large but the way of exhibition is very unique.                                        … Read more →

Spot report – Japanese Garden in Expo’70 Commemorative Park (2018-06-12)

Webmaster visited the Japanese garden in Expo’70 Commemorative Park (Banpakukinen-koen nihon-teien) last week.   Access: Osaka (local train 0:20) Senri-chuo (monorail 0:06) Banpaku-kinen-koen (walk 0:05) @ Admission:¥250 for adult.   This is a stroll type garden for 1,300m long from East to West for 26ha. Although it was rainy day, Webmaster enjoyed strolling in the garden.   As it is… Read more →