Spot report – Samukawa-jinja Shrine (2017-06-02)

Webmaster visited Samukawa-jinja Shrine a few weeks ago.   Access: Tokyo (local train 0:50) Chigasaki (local train 0:17) Miyayama (walk 0:10) @   Samukawa’jinja Shrine is regarded as the protective shrine of Kanto Region and set to protect against inauspicious direction from Edo (present Tokyo). Because of this historical background, the shrine has earned faith from the people of the… Read more →

Spot report – Fuji Bamboo Garden (2017-05-29)

Webmaster visited Fuji Bamboo Garden (Fuji-takerui-shokubutsuen) last week.   Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 0:53 or local train 1:55) Mishima (local train 0:13) Nagaizumi-nameri (walk 0:30 or taxi 0:10) @   Admission:¥500 for adult. Open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday only.   The entrance of the garden   According to Fuji Bamboo Garden, there are some 500 species of bamboo planted and… Read more →

Season’s topic – Flower on raft (2017-05-18)

Webmaster found Japanese Helwingia (hanaikada, Helwingia japonica) when went hiking before last week.   Hanaikada is an indigenous shrub in Japan. The similar species (same genus) distribute in East Asia from Himalayan region to Southern China. It widely distributes in forests in hilly and mountainous area, but is not very common.        Curiously enough, this shrubby species has flowers… Read more →

Spot report – Tama-no-megumi Beer (2017-05-15)

The second spot report on craft beers is that of Tama-no-megumi Beer produced by Ishikawa Brewery (Ishikawa-shuzo). Tama-no-megumi means “the blessing of Tama” which is the name of an area where the brewery is located and also the name of a river in the area.   Access: Tokyo (local train 0:52) Haijima (walk 0:15) @   A bottle of Tama-no-megumi beer… Read more →

Season’s topic – Tsutsuji azalea flowering (2017-05-11)

Tsutsuji azalea is now flowering.   Some buds of azalea     Azalea is very popular in Japan. In fact, azalea can be seen everywhere, in parks, gardens and even on road sides. If you are traveling in Japan now, you will easily find azalea flowers.       Azalea flowers last much longer than cherry flowers. Please enjoy azalea flowers!     … Read more →

Knowing about – Zen meditation (Zazen) (2017-05-09)

“Zen” is the name of one sect of Buddhism and sometimes refers to Zen meditation (zazen). There are some 75,000 Buddhist temples in Japan, among which some 2,000 are those of Zen Sect.   There are three principal schools of Zen Sect in Japan. Those are Soto School, Rinzai School and Obaku School. (Obaku School was branched from Rinzai School.)… Read more →

Spot report – Zen meditation at Soji-ji Temple (2017-05-05)

Do you know zazen? Zazen is a kind of meditation practiced in Zen school of Buddhism. Some Zen temples hold zazen sessions for citizens on regular basis.   Webmaster participated in an English zazen session at Soji-ji Temple last week. Soji-ji Temple holds an English zazen session almost once a month.   Access: Tokyo (local train 0:27) Tsurumi (walk 0:07) @… Read more →

Season’s topic – wisteria blossom (2017-05-03)

Cherry blossom front has shifted toward north. Now, we have wisteria blossom in the central region of Japan.   In the early April, the buds of wisteria were still small. But, those were growing gradually.     And finally, started blooming   Wisteria is one of popular horticulture trees (vines) in Japan. If you travel in Japan in this season,… Read more →

Spot report – Horai Bridge (2017-04-28)

Webmaster visited Horai Bridge before last week.   Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 1:15) Shizuoka (local train 0:28) Shimada (walk 0:20) @, or Tokyo (local train 3:20) Shimada (walk 0:20) @   This bridge is 897m long and listed in Guinness Book of Record as the longest pedestrian wooded bridge. Only pedestrians and bicycles are allowed to cross.        The… Read more →

Spot report – Kunowaki Suspension Bridge (2017-04-24)

Webmaster visited Kunowaki Suspension Bridge before last week. This bridge is located near Shiogo Station of Oigawa Railway (Oigawa-tetsudo).   Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 1:15) Shizuoka (local train 0:30) Kanaya (local train 0:50) Shiogo (walk 0:05) @   Oigawa Railway starts from Kanaya Station.      Oigawa Railway is a single track. The train went toward the upper stream of Oi-gawa… Read more →